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International Outreach

CUMC's ministry to countries all over the world spans from Honduras in Central America to the jungles of the Congo.  We have a rich history in serving outside our local neighborhood to those in far-away places. Our current initiative is to provide fuel to our missionaries with the Wings of Caring Ministry in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  


Help Wings of Caring
Fly Life-Saving Missions
Wings of Caring (WOC) is an improbable and heroic medical, aviation-based ministry in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), a nation 3 times the size of Texas with less than 2,000 miles of road. WOC seeks to provide timely response to emergencies and to ongoing transportation needs for the church, medical and educational staff so they can respond to the needs in the community and reflect our Lord's care and compassion for all. WOC planes require a lot of fuel, and because fuel is prohibitively expensive in the DRC, WOC pilots buy it in the neighboring country of Zambia. Each flight to buy the fuel is 8 hours round trip, burning a barrel of fuel each way. Planes can only carry 5 barrels with no way to extend the flight besides the limited fuel they can carry.
           Pilot Jacques Umembudi Akasa is one the “bush pilots” who serves this ministry. Recently, Jacques visited Clarendon UMC and spoke about the mission that he serves. He wistfully mentioned that if WOC could purchase a year’s supply of fuel up front, the benefits would be tremendous. This would ease the burden of worrying about fuel and save the pilots money. The current annual cost of fuel for WOB is $70,000. This fundraising project sponsored by Clarendon UMC seeks to raise $70,000 by April 1, 2018. WOC is supported by the UMC’s General Board of Global Missions (GBBM), but funding is intermittent as churches donate.
           Please join this effort by making a donation and sharing the Go Fund me link ( through your social media accounts. The funds you donate will be directed to a WePay account created by Clarendon UMC. Julie Wright, our Business Manager/Treasurer is the account manager, and will send all funds collected to the GBGM Advance No. 08595A/fuel fund. Thank you for your generosity and action!


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