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French Choir Concert - La Maîtrise de Reims

Event Date: 
Wednesday, April 10, 2019 -
7:00pm to 8:30pm

La Maîtrise de Reims, the 48-member French student chorus of the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Reims, France, will present a concert of contemporary, secular, and sacred music, as well as traditional songs... with a special French touch! La Maîtrise de Reims Cathedral was founded in 1285 making it one the longest established musical foundations in France. It consists of 220 boys and girls aged between 7 and 15. The choristers attend the Notre-Dame School of Reims. The young singers rehearse and train after school between 6 and 10 hours a week depending on their age and level, and they also have weekly theory classes. Choristers sing regularly at Cathedral services and special occasions. They are also involved in special events which take place in the Cathedral or in the city,  make recordings and concert appearances on a regular basis and also travel in Europe. Sandrine Lebec, Music Director and Conductor, has been training young boys and girls for nearly two decades.   In 2001, she became the first woman to conduct the prestigious Choir of Reims Cathedral. Sandrine and the choristers share the same passion for choral music and the same enjoyment of choral art.Join us for this exciting event!  

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