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Cherub Choir

The Cherub Choir includes preschoolers, kindergarteners and 1st graders.  These children are introduced to choir through the Sunday School program. They attend rehearsals weekly from 10:20-10:50am after their Sunday School classes which begin at 9:45am. Movement, games, dance and drama are the main components of this program.  Spiritual truths, Bible stories, the love of God and one another are all taught through music.  These choristers learn at a very young age that they have something unique to contribute to worship and they take that job seriously! 

The Cherub Choir brings immense joy to our CUMC congregation each and every time they share God's message through their music.  We encourage you to have your little one try it out and see how much fun learning about their faith can be.  Contact Lisa Gibbs-Smith, Director of Worship Arts for more information.

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