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Children's Sunday School

  • NOTE:  During the Summer months, we will not be having Chlidren or Youth Sunday School Classes at 9:30 am.  We will be having "Children's Church" which is spiritual development classes for children during both Worship Services (8:30 am and 11:00 am).  We have nursery for children birth to four years old.  Older children may join us in Children Church or stay in the Worship Service with their parents.   

Clarendon offers children's Sunday School classes for children of all ages! All classes held at 9:30am Sunday mornings unless noted otherwise.

Preschool and Nursery Care

Clarendon United Methodist Church offers nursery care and Sunday School for preschool children from birth through age four. This group focuses on the wonders and mysteries of God's world, learning that the Bible is a special book that tells stories about God and Jesus, and how to show love by doing the things that their friend Jesus would have them do. This group enjoys music, crafts, and games and encourages its young students to actively participate in God's world. 

Grade School

As children grow, they need a firm foundation. A strong background in Christian education can provide that foundation in these formative years. Here at Clarendon, our elementary age Sunday School classes teach Bible stories and help children learn to apply them to their every day lives. Students learn all about the wonder of God's love and begin to understand why the Gospel is so important. Craft projects and games help to teach these valuable lessons. Children's classes are organized by grade-level. All classes are held in the education wing.

Middle School

As children grow into adolescence, Clarendon's Sunday School grows with them. During these early teen years, we provide young people with lessons about the church. Confirmation and acceptance of Church membership are milestones in their lives. In-depth-discussion of the Bible and lessons on what Church membership is all about provide a firm footing in their all-too-often hectic world. Discussion is encouraged as these young people learn how to share their faith in the community.

High School

By the time a child has reached High School, he or she is probably confronted with some very difficult decisions every day. Our Sunday School tackles these hot issues and helps young people to face life's ups and downs. Our Sunday School helps youth choose their pathway through life and make decisions based on their faith as a young Christian. We cannot live their lives for them but we can give every young person support, love, and a place to discuss problems and make sound choices for the future.

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